How to make money with E-Workers ?

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How to make money with E-Workers ?

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:41 am

All people need lots of e-materials for their day to day life. But if one fails to get a useful image, software, app or video clips they will ask everyone in their friends circle to get it.We are applying the same principle here. If anybody need any e-materials, they have to post their needs in the appropriate sections.Once the requests are seen by  other members of this forum, they offer help to you to get the required materials for which you have to transfer a small amount as per his request by ""PAYTM"

      Now a days the electronic money transfer is used to make payments in an easy way. Just go to and create a free account. Add a little money to it and now it will be your wallet for paying small small payments.

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